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♥ j-rock is my love ♥

5 May 1990
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「tears melt into the red rain」

about me
In my journal you can find many things related to jrock: graphics, polish translation and band info. I've made my personal posts friends only, so if you're looking for things with jrock you don't need to friend me ;)

My name is Ann, I'm from Poland and I love everything connected with jrock. If you want to know something more you can write to me, I don't bite..

♥ listening to music
♥ computer graphics
♥ playing drums
♥ meeting new people
♥ reading books

x intolerance
x school
x fake people
x betrayal
x backbiting

- Don't claim my graphics as your own
- Don't edit or change any of my graphics
- Please credit if you take anything
- All music uploads are from my own resources so please comment if taking
- All polish translations are made by me
- If you don't know how to credit go here

~music is my life~

I listen mostly to j-rock that currently started to be my addiction ;)
It's very hard for me to pick one or two favourite bands
becouse there are so many great ones both indie and major
The only thing that really irritates me is that
many new bands that I started to love are disbanding (ex.Zodia)
You never know who's next

j-rock: Dir en Grey, D'espairs Ray, SUICIDE ALI, UnsraW, Nega (ネガ), DIO ~distraught overlord~, 12012, homura (焔-ほむら-), Schmelz Cure, DELUHI, the bullet, the GazettE, SINCE1889, DI3SIRAE, D, -OZ-, Sadie (サディ), Zodia (ゾディア), SIVA, SCREW, Girugämesh, gossip, Dali, Black:List, HATED, Domain, lynch., SKULL, NightingeiL, Awoi (アヲイ), LAYZis, R-15, Dear Bitch, Lycaon, JULIADOLL, Yaminade (闇撫), Viored, lovin', meth. and many many more...

other: The White Stripes, Evanescence, Cool Kids of Death, SAI, Bullet For My Valentine, My Chemical Romance, Placebo, Arctic Monkeys and more...
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